Off to Costa Rica…

Sorry for the long gap between entries. I’ve been busy with the holidays and various non-baseball activities.

Anyway, two quick things:

1. I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in Costa Rica (and I won’t have Internet access). Unfortunately, my attempt to visit the Rawlings baseball factory fell through, so I’ll have to settle for exploring the rain forest and relaxing on the beach.

2. A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a guy who works for a national “High Definition TV station.” There’s a show about sports memorabilia…they’re interested in my collection…I wrote back…and haven’t heard back…so who knows.

That’s the news.
I’m outta here…



    Have fun in Costa Rica Zack… Im off to Costa Rica for Spring Break in March! I had the choice of Costa Rica and Spring Training in Ft. Myers but I figured I will have plenty of chances to get to Spring Training and not nearly as many to go to Costa Rica… have fun, take a lot of pictures…


    ok thanks… I wonder if he’s friendly, Anyways I’ve been to PETCO Park before and it is EASY to get balls if you sit in “The Beach” Bleachers all the players warm up in front of you. I alomost got a Ball signed by Miguel Ojeda on the Padres and almost got a ball from Jay Payton (I was to shy to ask)


    I have encountered Steve Finley a few times in autograph situations. Not the friendliest.

    I’m assuming “The Beach” refers to the sand box in center field…yes, that IS great. It’s guite fun diving around in a giant pit of sand for baseballs. I predict great succes for ZH when he makes the journey west this year.

    chadle, assuming you’re in the SD area…Petco is a good stadium for balls and autographs, I’m sure you can turn those almosts into dids in 2006.

  4. Zack

    Good choice. Always go for the exotic. I took over 400 pictures and ended up keeping about 250. I love digital cameras. Anyway, Costa Rica kicked major heinie…and I’m glad to be home.


    Being shy and collecting balls generally don’t go well together. That said, you can only do what feels right. For future reference, the list of guys who’ve thrown me balls is on my personal web site at Just click the link on the left that says “Balls from Players & Coaches.”


    Nice to see you’re still lurking around these parts. I’m excited about Petco, but now there’s all this pressure for me to catch 15 balls per game.

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