Wrigley’s new bleachers

Construction is underway, and it’s not looking good for my fellow ball collectors.


(Copyrighted photo courtesy of Al Yellon at Bleed Cubbie Blue.)

No one’s really sure just how high the new bleachers will rise, or how many balls they’ll rob from the guys who hang out on Waveland and Sheffield Avenues. (You can view more pics and join the discussion about it here. Check out ballhawk.com, too.) I feel bad for them. It’s not a “more for me/less for you” thing. They’ve been doing THEIR thing for decades, and now it’s all about to change.


  1. Zack

    Thanks, doppy, but what about Chanukah?

    Thank you, too, Dodgers. I’d write more here, but there really isn’t that much to say. Anyway, I think I burned myself out by blogging EVERY day during the season, so I’m enjoying my time off right now…

  2. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    It wasn’t Hanukah yet when I posted my Christmas greeting… so now that Hanukah has started… HAPPY HANUKAH everyone…

  3. raider61990@yahoo.com

    Figures, cubs executives making their fans/ball collectors angry. They are so strict about everything at Wrigley, atleast at Miller Park the ushers dont care if u sneak down as long as its after the 4th or so inning
    Hope you had a merry christmas


  4. chadlebeauaz@cox.net

    What is your Glove Trick? And how do you get several balls?
    And how does someone like me that hasnt ever got a ball at a game before get started?

  5. chadlebeauaz@cox.net

    have you ever got any balls from Chase Field or Bank One Ballpark? If so what are the stats?

  6. Zack

    Nice recovery. Thank you.


    From a ball-collecting standpoint, it’s easy to get mad, but if you think about the Wrigley expansion from a real-world financial perspective, it seems like the Cubs execs made the obvious and sensible decision, no?


    The “glove trick” is a trick I developed for lowering my glove on a string in order to snag balls that are out of reach. For a full explanation, check out my entry from April 26, 2005. All my old entries are archived. The best way for you to get started is to read through all my old stuff. It might take a while, but I guarantee that if you do, you’ll be catching balls before you know it. (Well, you might have to wait until April.) As for Chase/Bank One, I caught nine balls there in a two-day span in May of 1998. It wasn’t the easiest place, but then again, that’s when the stadium was filled to capacity almost every game.

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