50 down, 271 to go…

Last night, I took 50 balls over to my parents’ place. Only 271 more (from this season), and then my TINY apartment will be ball-free. I’d like to take them all over at once, but at three per pound, they’re too heavy.

I struggled to find a spot for the 50 balls. All my drawers and barrels are full. I didn’t want to leave the balls out in the open–I think the air/light/dust would be bad for them over time–so I squeezed them into a duffel bag already stuffed with balls. But now? I have no idea where I’m gonna put the rest. I think I might have one more empty barrel in the basement, but even that’ll be difficult. As it is, the four barrels are taking over my old bedroom. I can’t imagine adding another.


  1. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack, I haven’t commented in a long time so it’s good to be back. I just wanted to know what you think about the rumored Rameriz-Tejada trade. Would you rather have Manny in Camden or in Fenway? I was thinking that he would become more accessable at Camden… It would be cool if he were an Oriole.

  2. Zack

    Hey, good to see you back on here. I totally agree about Manny. As things are, I hardly ever get to see him because the Red Sox are always sold out at home AND when they come to Yankee Stadium. I’m hoping that the Miggy swap goes through.

  3. quickedge16@yahoo.com


    I’m a big Met fan (since Piazza was traded to them from the Dodgers/Marlins) and I happened to stumble upon your blog. I found it really interesting especially because I love Shea and I recognize alot of the players you mention often in your posts. I live in Conn. but I’m a huge Met fan along with my father. It’s a family thing now. My sister now loves David Wright and wants to marry him.

    Anyway I wanted to say hi and tell you I think it’s very cool that you have this collection. It makes for interesting stories and you get to see alot of players up close. I remember reading that you stopped calling yourself a Met fan long ago but I was wondering what you think of the team right now. Minaya made some terrific additions and isn’t done yet with the pitching still up in the air. Do you have a favorite team nowadays or are you just a baseball fan in general? Who are some of your favorite players?

    Well, keep up the good work. Might be a little harder for you next season to get balls from Shea if the Mets turn into exciting contenders. More hype= a packed Stadium. What do you think?


  4. Zack


    I’m sorry for taking so long to write back, but there were some technical problems, and I couldn’t access my blog all week.

    You’re absolutely right about the Mets and Shea. They keep signing all these studs, which is exciting, but it’s making me nervous about the competition I’ll have to deal with next year.

    It’s hard to root AGAINST the Mets because I grew up loving them, so I still do pull for them, in a way. I’ve always loved Pedro and Glavine, so it was cool when they signed. (Same with Rickey Henderson a few years back.) David Wright is cool. I love him already (not like THAT…that’s for your sister). Reyes is exciting, obviously. And Wagner/Delgado! I mean, I’m not saying anything new right now, but yeah, I’m still excited about everything.

    I’ve been rooting for the Red Sox since they got Manny, so it was great to see them with the Series last year. He’s always been one of my favorites, along with guys like Ichiro, Maddux, Jeter, and Mariano. I also LOVE some lesser known guys because of my connections to them, players like Trent Durrington, Ryan Speier, and Jason Grilli. Oh, and Rick Short. He’s the man.

    Overall, though, I do just consider myself a “baseball fan.”

    Thanks for all the kind words, and let me know when you’ll be at Shea. I’ll look for you next season…

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