The Puck Collector?!


Last night, I got a last-minute invitation from a great friend to see a Rangers-Devils game at Madison Square Garden…so I gave up my plan to watch Game 2 of the ALCS…and headed uptown straight from work…and got there right before the 3rd period.
Before long, I found myself thinking about what it would take to catch a puck. (I’ve never caught a puck. This was only my second NHL game.) Then I realized I wasn’t sitting on the end of my row. What if a puck flipped up over the plexi-glass? I would’ve been boxed in and screwed.

I enjoyed the game. I really did, and it surprised me because I’ve always hated hockey–not because it’s hockey but because it interferes with the baseball season. I love the middle of summer, right after the NBA Finals and before the NFL pre-season, when baseball reigns supreme. I can flip on “SportsCenter” or ESPN Radio and instantly get my fix. But anyway, last night’s hockey was surprisingly entertaining, undoubtedly, in part, because I only had to watch the final 20 minutes and got to do so from a fancy-schmancy seat in the fourth row where I could actually follow the puck…which never did make it over the glass.

I imagine it would be tough to be a puck collector. How many pucks enter the stands? I don’t know. Not many, apparently.

I’ll stick to baseballs.



    I caught a puck at a hockey game once. It was a high school game, though, so it’s not as spiffy as NHL. And any NHL game I ever see will probably be from the same third-tier nosebleed perch where I see Knicks games and rock concerts. :)

  2. Zack

    You were allowed to keep a puck from a high school game?! That’s unusual. I’ve been in those nosebleeds plenty of times. Just happened to get lucky the other night. (Lucky in terms of tickets, that is.)


    I’ve seen Shaun’s blog, and I’m amazed and in awe and totally jealous of everything he’s getting to do. I might have to blog ABOUT his blog. As for giving away the balls, I think it’s fantastic that he did it, but I would NOT criticize him at all if he’d decided to cash in instead. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d caught those balls. I’d rather have special baseball priviledges than money. So I probably would’ve given them away, too. But then again, how much money are we talking about? Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars?


    I apolgize for not commenting recently. You should take Shaun Dean out for batting practice at Shea. Seriously!

  4. Zack

    No need to apologize, but thanks for the consideration. As for Mr. Dean, it would be my pleasure to take him to Shea whenever he’s ready for some REAL competition.



    Hey Zach,
    As you well know my Red Sox are out. And so are my brother’s yanks

    Anyways, my friend has caught over 20 pucks in about 3 years of season tickets with teh Anaheim Mighty Ducks, but he sits row three right on the center line.

  6. Zack

    20 pucks?*****.

    I wonder what the record is. I mean, is there someone out there with over 2,000 pucks? It’s hard to imagine, but one thing I’ve learned is that if I can think of something, there’s probably at least one person in the world who’s actually done it—or at least tried.

    Bummer about the Sox and Yanks. I know a lot of people hate them both, but they DO play exciting baseball.


    Actually it’s not so hard to wind up with pucks in warmups, although it wouldn’t be in the ratio you’re used to in baseball. And the same with during the game… but get yourself some preseason action (like the four or five pucks I mentioned would have been easily accessible — since no one else was going after them) and you have yourself a subcategory-hobby!

    Sounds like you had a good time in spite of yourself, but like you mentioned to me in your subsequent email, you could use a little Paige guidance AND I don’t know how happy anyone can be watching the mighty Devils get shellacked. Blech. We’re lucky I didn’t take you to that game, I’m not easy to converse with under such adverse circumstances.

  8. Zack

    Whoops. Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been obsessing over music lately instead of baseball. All I can say is that I’d really, really, REALLY like to join you at a hockey game sometime, even if we have to sit in the last row of the upper deck. So hook it up, Devsmeister.


    as far as i no the record for pucks is 145.
    And little kids can effortlessly get pucks.

  10. paul

    hey zack, met you at citi field once and forgot to tell you that i do collecct pucks. i have about 30 practice pucks and 4 game used, not easy but fun. and also 3 broken sticks!

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