Thank you for attending tonight’s game. Please drive carefully and arrive home safely.

If the Yankees had won last night, I was really gonna try to get a ticket for Game 3 of the ALCS. But now, without any more baseball in New York City, it looks like my record season of snagging is done. (Thank God.)

Once the World Series is over and I’m absolutely sure that I won’t be going to any more games, I’ll start compiling all my stats.

Two other things…

1) In case you haven’t heard, a fan in Houston named Shaun Dean caught TWO home runs during Sunday’s 18-inning win over the Braves. Click here to see one of the many articles that’ve already been written about it, and click HERE to check out his brand new MLBlog. I am officially jealous.

2) MLB handed out awards for various MLBlogs, and mine received some love. Here’s the story.




    Hey, congrats on getting 3rd place in the MLBlogs award for best blog.

    Personally, I thought yours was the best!


    The highest congratulations are in order! Do you get a trophy? I’m thinking no, but I’m still green with envy that you get to say you’ve won a “Bloggie.” What a great word.

  3. Gabriel

    Yep, Da Bombers lost — I was there and had to take that huge loss on Da Chin.

    Congrats on “Third” place — I agree, your Blog should have at least got second to DA BRONX BOMBERS —just kidding :)

    Your interview was really good too – I have to admit I don’t know what the hoopla was for that dreaded red headed step child chick – lol.

    You deserve an “honorable mention” personally from me because I got my first ever baseball thrown directly to me thanks to your tips on your blog and book!

    I used your technique of holding a huge pocket with my glove and calling out to the player using ‘Mr.”

    Aaron Small of the Yanks smiled and threw me a ball that had a nice “pop” to it.

    Seconds later I snagged a BP Jeter ball that was thrown into the crowd.

    Not bad for a “rook” at a highly attended game five ALDS.




  4. Zack

    Thanks. You are too kind.


    Thank you, too. No trophy. Just braggin’ rights. “Bloggie” might be a great word here, but it’d get challenged in a game of Scrabble.


    i’TS aLL AbOuT gETtiNg tO tAKe baTTiNg pRacTIcE oN a mAJOR LeaGUe fiELd. tHAT’S wHaT i wOULd’Ve aSKeD fOr.


    I’m amazed at two things…First, that you were able to get into the ballpark for that game, and second, that you managed to get TWO baseballs! Congrats not only for that but for your well-deserved Bloggie award. But what’s with this “Mister” nonsense? I’ve stated over and over that it’s important to say “please” but that’s as far as I take my polite act. In my experience, players have always responded better when called by their first names. Hmm…

  5. Diane


    Congrats on the recognition!

    Nice to know I was a part of your “Best Post” honor.

    To paraphrase Steve Miller … Keep on blogging, blogging me baby … wooo hooo hooo hooo


    hey Zack pretty cool blog. I am a baseball fan living in germany. I’m proud to say in 2004 I was in Cali. I went to an Angels came where I cought my very first came ball. I was so over joyed, I felt like a kid again. Gotta love the game!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Zack

    Thanks very much, and congrats on your first ball. Believe me, I know the feeling. That’s probably why I became obsessed with collecting them. By the way, I know how to ask for a ball in German…however, I’m still waiting for a German player to make it to the majors.


    Guten tag Zack,
    At this time there are two players in the minor leagues. Baseball just doesnt habben around here. I played on a team here in the city where I live. The first year (1995) I thought I was back in Little League. They just dont have the support here. Dont get me wrong there are some good players but they start playing way too late to get the proper training.

    Go Angels!

  9. Zack

    Interesting. Which two players? The name Von Stertzbach comes to mind. Is he one of them? This will be very useful information for me if/when they reach the majors.

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