Went to Philly yesterday.
The game was rain-delayed for two hours and 35 minutes at the start.
There was a two-hour drive back to NYC at the end.
Then I drove my friends to their respective homes.
I just got home a little while ago.
I have to be at work at noon!
There will be no blogging today (other than this).
Please come back tomorrow.
You know you want to find out how I got eight balls even though there was no batting practice.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to hear my MLB Radio interview:
1. Go to MLBlogs.com.
2. Look for the “MULTIMEDIA” panel a few inches down on the left.
3. Click my name (which appears in blue underneath “The Baseball Collector”).


  1. sheffro1@hotmail.com

    Great interview. I believe that’s the first time I was ever mentioned on the radio…other than when I was a DJ myself that is.

    See you Thursday at Shea…


  2. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    Good interview Zack. I really enjoyed it… only four balls away from 301! Milestones are fun. Speaking of milestones… I realize that I won’t get to any more games this year so my 2005 Season total is capped off at 11. That’s 275% more balls than you caught your first season, so if I stay on that pace I should catch 38.5 balls next season! But who’s counting?

  3. hugesportsfan2000@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack.

    I read your book a while ago, and after flipping through it again, I realized I have a question. You mention something called “The Bullpen Lounge” at Shea. However, when I went there, I couldn’t find it, and couldn’t get into the field level until the 9th inning (and I didn’t get a ball). Does this still exsist, and if it doesn’t, then how do you get into the field lever (can you tell me anything specific for shea, or any extra things that the book doesn’t say?)


  4. Zack

    Thanks…though I regret not mentioning you by name. I didn’t think of it until half a second after the fact. Thursday at Shea? It’s supposed to rain. Are we still going?


    Thank you, too. Nice numbers. I like them. If you maintain your current pace, just think how many balls you’ll get in your third year!


    The reason why you didn’t find the Bullpen Lounge is that it’s not there anymore. I think the Mets might’ve done away with it because I wrote about it. The best way to get into the Field Level is to show up during BP (while it’s open to everyone) and just stay there. Otherwise, the technique I like to use for sneaking into any section is to find a large group of people and just slip in with them. It works best when there’s a parent who’s holding all the tickets for the kids. The usher is never able to count. Or, you can just wait right outside the Field Level checkpoint and ask people for a ticket stub on their way out…but you have to wait until the 7th inning (or so) for that. Finally, if all else fails, you can try to jump over the railing where the orange Field Level seats slope right up the blue seats of the Loge. Watch out, though, because there’s often a cop standing there. Wait ’til someone hits a deep fly ball and then make your move. Everyone’s eyes will be on IT and not you.

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