THE FINAL WEEK: chasing a record

Take a look at the following list. It shows how many balls I’ve collected each year:

Four1990 —- 4
1991 —- 14
1992 —- 128
1993 —- 218
1994 —- 201
1995 —- 273
1996 —- 177
1997 —- 59
1998 —- 192
1999 —- 251
2000 —- 163
2001 —- 134
2002 —- 149
2003 —- 168
2004 —- 300
2005 —- 289 (and counting…)

Did you notice that I’m only 12 balls away from setting a new single-season record? I should be able to do it because I’m planning to attend four games this week.

First, I’m going to see the Mets play in Philadelphia today (even though I know it’s going to be CROWDED). I’m taking my parents’ car and driving down with a couple friends.

Then, after spending two full days at work, I’ll be back at Shea for the Rockies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Those are my big plans.

The even bigger plan in the back of my mind is ball #3,000. Right now, I’m 280 balls away, and I’m already thinking about it. If I stay on my current pace and have another big year in 2006, I could reach that milestone by the end of the season. The way I’m looking at the final week of the 2005 season is that every ball will help establish a new record AND make it easier to reach 3,000 one year from now.




    Just came accross your blog today for the first time and I just gotta say Congrats man!I’ve been to almost all of the Mets games this yr including numerous BP’s and gotta congratulate you on 7.4 balls per game with the type of security that Shea has every day. I do actually remember numerous occasions when I was at BP and saw someone perfoming the glove trick: I never knew it was always the same guy all along who also happened to be the King of BP… lol. I’ll be at three of the games of the Rockies series so hope to see you there and Good Luck getting ball #301,

    P.S.- Do any of the current Rockies players stand out in your head as being really nice?



    Well Zack, I was going to send this in an email, but I’ll leave other questions in the email, but I think this can go in here…

    What all do you collect?

  3. Zack

    My lifetime goal had always been to collect 1,000 balls. After I reached that milestone in 1996, I wasn’t sure if I’d keep going, so I took a little time off the following year…and then discovered that I really missed it. In addition, I started college in the fall of ’96 and wasn’t anywhere near an MLB team. My life just took me in a different direction for a while. What do I collect? You mean, what else besides balls have I gotten at games? Let’s see…batting gloves, lineup cards, one bat, one wristband, one seatback from Yankee Stadium (which I found lying on the ground in a row of seats that were all intact), and almost 1,000 autographs. I also have about 100,000 baseball cards, and I have a rubber band ball that currently weighs 189 pounds. I guess that’s not really a “collection,” but whatever. I also have a bunch of foreign coins from when I was little kid. I just started collecting fortune cookie fortunes, but not too aggressively; it’s not I’m buying rare ones on eBay or anything. I collect business cards, too, just for the heII of it. Oh, I almost forgot. I have BOXES of ticket stubs from hundreds of MLB games at dozens of stadiums. That’s a cool collection. I collect songs and make mix tapes out of them. I take lots of photographs, just in general, so I guess that has to be called a collection. I collect pages from magazines and decorate my walls with them. And so on. Lots of stuff, but the baseballs are my favorite.


    Welcome aboard. Sorry it took you this long to find me here, but there’s still a week of action left. If you’ve seen someone running obnoxiously all over Shea and catching lots of balls, it was definitely me. What do you look like? If you go to that many games at Shea, I’m sure I’ve seen you. Look for me later this week and flag me down. The Rockies players are all so young that I haven’t had any contact with most of them…but I can tell you that Aaron Cook and Todd Greene have both been quite friendly to me. Wish I could throw some more names at you. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I just got home from a successful day in Philly, so I should be able to reach #301 on Thursday. Hope to see you then.



    I collect baseball cards, hats, bats, balls, all the cooperstown collection, baseball books, etc…

    I’ll send my other questions to you tonight.

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