Back in 1993 when I attended games almost every day, I dreamt about collecting baseballs almost every night–and the dreams were almost always bad. I’d get lost in the subway and show up late for batting practice…or it would start raining and there wouldn’t be batting practice. The stadium would be designed differently, and I wouldn’t be able to get down to the front row. The ushers and security guards would all gang up on me. (Where did I get THAT from?) Occasionally, I’d lose my hand-eye coordination and wouldn’t be able to catch balls that came right to me.

If I ever did have a good dream, it was usually that I was in a wide open section or concourse without much competition. I often dreamt that there was a secret meadow behind the Green Monster.

Last night, I dreamt that Tommy Lasorda tossed me a ball behind the 3rd base dugout at Shea Stadium (and when I woke up, I was very disappointed). It was weird. I haven’t had many snagging dreams in recent years, but I might have a few more during the final week of the regular season. I have big plans…


  1. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    Uh oh- big plans? Are you going to every game for the rest of the year? That would be fun but tiring eh?

  2. wolfe2@gmail.com

    I see you finally got some rest, now you’re having bad dreams! Geez…:P

    Anyways, Zack, I was wondering what your email address was…I’d like to ask you a couple questions.

  3. Zack

    Not every game. You’ll see. I’m about to write an entry about it (but it won’t be too long because it’s getting late, and I have to wake up early, and I still have lots more to do.


    I just got around to answering your comment (and others) from my previous entry, but I’ll say it again…my e-mail address is ZackSnags@aol.com, but if possible, ask some of your questions here in case some other people are interested in joining the discussion.

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