Rick Short

I’m about to leave for Shea Stadium to see the Washington Nationals. Last night, I combed through their 40-man roster and printed the photos (in black-and-white, unfortunately) of the players that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to recognize.


The one exception is Rick Short. I had to include him because…I think he’s great. He compiled a .311 career batting average in 11 minor league seasons before finally getting a hit in his first major league at bat–at the age of 32–with the Nationals on June 10. Then he got sent back down to Triple-A New Orleans, where he ended up leading the minor leagues with a .383 average. Now he’s back in the majors and batting .333 (3-for-9 with two HRs). You can’t NOT root for this guy.

I just hope I get a chance to shake his hand.

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