The ones that got away

In case you missed it, the 17 balls I got on 9/6/05 at Camden Yards left me two short of my one-game record. Could I have broken it? Absolutely. In my last entry, I mentioned one ball–the Matos foul tip–that I easily could’ve gotten with a teeny twist of fate. Here are all the others that I could’ve had if I were a little bit quicker, smarter, and luckier:

1) BP homer down the right field line that landed in the standing room only section and rolled underneath a vendor’s cart. I was out of position because I hadn’t sprinted on my way back from the seats in right-center field.

2) BP homer over the standing room only section and onto Eutaw Street. If I had cut out of the section immediately, I might have had it, but I waited near the flagpoles for a bounce that never happened.

Zackreachingforball3) BP homer in left field. I misjudged it and moved one row forward. The ball ended up sailing five feet over my head.

4) Another BP homer in left field. This one landed just behind me in a totally empty row. All it had to do was stay there, but of course it bounced 40 feet away because I’m cursed.

5) Tossed by Vinnie Chulk during BP in left field. The guy to my right bobbled it for like two seconds, and I barely missed snatching it.

6) BP slicer down the left field foul line. I reacted too late as the ball started trickling toward the low wall. Some shmo on a cell phone leaned over and scooped it five feet to my left.

7) Tossed by Russ Adams to the kid next to me at the Blue Jays’ dugout before the game. If I’d been standing just a few feet over, I would’ve had the better angle as Adams left the field.

8) Melvin Mora foul tip in the 1st inning, RIGHT to the seat that I tried to buy three hours earlier.

9) Foul tip by Eric Hinske in the 2nd inning, right to the seat where I’d been sitting before an usher checked my ticket and kicked me out two minutes earlier.

10) Eric Byrnes foul pop-up in the 7th inning. It landed in the main aisle just behind that same seat I hadn’t been able to buy.

There were probably others. These are just the ones I remember. I know I shouldn’t complain about getting 17 balls, but I’m still kicking myself over what might’ve been.

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