No time. Aahh!

I went to Camden Yards yesterday and, um, did pretty well. Yeah. But once again, I’m scraping for free time, so my write-up will have to wait one more day. Don’t hate me. I’m sorry.



    We don’t hate u Zach, at least not too much anyway. Lol, i wonder how the Cal Ripken Jr. Ceremony was. I waws wondering do u collect basseball cards???

  2. Zack

    Phew! That’s good to know…I think. I’ll talk about the Ripken ceremony in my next entry.

    I used to collect cards, but I stopped in the mid-90s when they became too expensive. I liked the old Topps wax packs of the 1980s that cost just 50 cents apiece. Once the cards started getting glossy finishes and gold stamps, I knew it was time to stop. Still, I probably have about 100,000 cards…but that’s a VERY rough estimate. Could be less. Could be more. I never counted, and now they’re all boxed up in my parents’ basement.


    Mr. Zack

    The packs I buy (which I usually dont) are $1. The majority of the cards I collect dont have glossy finishes and/or gold stamps. Shiny cards give me a headache. There are plenty of ways to collect these days. Just letting you know.


    to add to what adam said, there are plenty of cards that are cheap and nice.

    topps total-.99 nice, non-glossy finish-10 cards/pack

    fleer tradition-1.29 again non glossy finish-10 cards/pack

    very big card set so you can get many players

    i believe the topps total set this year was 780 cards

  5. Zack

    Okay, well I feel busted. But back in the day, like, around 1987, I could get a pack of 17 cards for like 45 cents, and it even came with a brittle stick of pink, powdery, gum inside. In addition to the rising cost, I stopped collecting because cards became too gimmicky (with all the inserts) and because I headed off to college and just wasn’t that into it anymore. I miss it, though, but not enough to dive back in.

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