Countdown to 2,700…

I’m thinking about what it’s gonna take to reach 2,700 balls by the end of the season.
I’m at 2,653 right now, which means I need 47 more.

This year, I’ve snagged 222 balls in 32 games for an average of 6.9375 balls per game.

Ready to crunch the numbers?

47 ÷ 6.9375 = 6.7748.

This means that if I maintain my average and attend 6.7748 more games this season, I’ll get my 47 balls and reach 2,700.

6.7748 games? Let’s just round up and call it seven.

Are there seven more games that I’ll be free to attend? And actually want to attend? Remember, I don’t do day games, and I try to avoid weekends as well.


Next week, my only free days are Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m thinking of driving down to Camden Yards with a friend on Tuesday–but I just learned that there’s a promotion that night that might replace batting practice: a pregame ceremony to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games record. I called the Orioles’ ticket office to find out more. They’re closed. Duh. I won’t be able to find out until tomorrow.

On Thursday, I have two choices:

1. Go to Yankee Stadium and be miserable, or
2. Sit around my apartment and pick my nose and be a bit less miserable.

If the nightly attendance dips below 50,000 on Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll consider going. But otherwise, forget it. I’m only averaging 5.8571 balls per game there, and even that number seems flukishly high.

I don’t yet know my work schedule beyond September 11, but whatever it ends up being, I should at least be free to attend batting practice at Shea on the 13th, 14th, 16th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 29th, and 30th. And October 1st. There are also evening games in Philly on the 12th and 15th that I’m considering.

The trouble is that I won’t be free for all of these games, and when I am free, it’ll probably rain, so who knows if I’ll make it to seven more games? And if I do, I might average six balls per game. Thankfully, all the kids are heading back to school, heh heh, so the games will be a little less crowded.

LoseIt’ll be an interesting last month of the season. As usual, I’m already (somewhat reluctantly) rooting against both the Mets and Yankees. If the Yanks don’t reach the post-season, it might mean 50 extra balls for me next year. Think about all the people who WON’T renew their season tickets. Even if the average attendance falls from 49,000 to 46,000, that would make a huge difference. Meanwhile, if the Mets take the wild card, Shea will be a zoo next year, and ball #3,000 will have to wait until 2007.



    The fact that people wouldn’t renew season tickets if the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs makes me smile.

    Fair-weather fans.

  2. Zack

    On a less selfish note, I think it would be good for baseball if the Yankees don’t make the playoffs. It might make other owners less likely to throw money at free agents and more likely to spend on scouting.


    If the yankees dont make the playoffs, the attendence will increase. Last year the yankees were crushed, the worst collapse in the history of sports. What did the yankees do? They got pavano, wright, and the Unit. This season tickets sales are at an all time high. If the yankees dont make the playoffs this year, expect A LOT of changes in the offseason. Changes = excitement. Cashman will be gone, perhaps torre. Pinella will join, perhaps even Clemens! And everyone will blame the failure of the 2005 season on injuries. The yankees have lost pavano, wright, brown, unit, and now MUSSINA for some extended period of time–yet they are still in the thick of the wild card race. THats something to look forward to next season, when, chances are, we dont be hit with this big of an injury bug.


    I agree with you Evil, good point…

    I went to RFK today and got two balls sans batting practice, I do better at RFK without BP, go figure.


    in response to your post on 8/30 at shea stadium (where i posted about the game on 9/1) there was NO bp, but many of the phillies relievers were warming up on the warning track in LF in front of the bullpen.

    it was pretty sweet tho, even tho there was no BP. billy wagner waved to me, i had a conversation with pedro liriano and shane victorino signed autos for people in the field level and then threw about 5 balls into the “corner spot”

    i got mine from geary but my friend i was with got one from victorino and one from aquilino lopez but gave the ball from lopez to a little kid who he ran over trying to get the ball…oish.

  6. Zack

    That IS a good point…but I still want the Yankees to lose. You think Clemens might come back to the Bronx?!


    For some reason, there are certain ballparks where it’s easier to get balls when there isn’t BP. There aren’t many because it can only happen in a place that’s terrible for BP…like RFK. You may recall that I got six balls at my one game there—without BP.


    Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like a surprisingly good day.


    Houston wont let clemens go. After all the heat they took for leting Nolan Ryan go, they’ll do their best. But Clemens has a very good relationship with the yankees and the Boss. The Boss gave him a Hummer H2 as a thank you after he “retired”. Depends on how the season goes, if the yanks fail to reach the postseason, or dont do deep, I’d think the Boss will make a calling for Clemens. His ERA is spectacular and he never gets any support. So there is incentive for him with the crazy yankee offense. The Unit will be better, clemen’s ERA was 4.66 something in his first year in NY. He’ll be better next year. Can you imagine a team with Randy Johnson AND Roger Clemens? Whose the ACE??!!

  8. Zack

    I’d love to see Clemens keep pitching. He’s already one of the all-time greats, no doubt about that, but if he puts in a few more years, the man will be LEGENDARY…and it’ll give me a chance to finally get a ball from him.

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