The fridge

I don’t know when it started or who was responsible. All I remember is that I walked into the kitchen one day about a decade ago and saw that someone–probably my dad–had arranged the refrigerator magnets to say:


I don’t remember the exact number, but whatever it was, I changed it after my next game to display the new total. The magnets stayed for days…and then weeks…and the number kept changing.

Months passed. No one dared to move the magnets, not even to spell a “welcome” message for little kids who came to visit in the middle of winter, for the fridge had become the official Snag-O-Meter of the Hample household.

The magnets remained a fixture throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium. When I moved into my own apartment a few years ago, they came with me.

Here’s what my fridge looks like today:



  1. Zack

    Are you kidding?


    Thank you.


    I didn’t even notice that the ham was in view until after I’d posted the picture. I wish I had. I would’ve made sure to show the whole thing.


    Zack,I had a feeling that was going to happen. Before I even saw the picture of the fridge, I was wondering if the big *** ham was going to appear in the shot, LOL!!! Wow, thegroceryman needs to watch some late night TV being that he doesn’t sleep much. LOL!!! Just kidding there pal. Anyway, LETS GO METS!!!! Any plans for Shea this week Zack? I am definitely going to be there Wednesday, and have even been contemplating tonight as well. Let me know what you will be up to this week. Happy Snagging,

  3. Zack

    I’m still waiting to find out if the Grocery Man was kidding or not. If he wasn’t, then you’re right. He needs a crash course in late-nite TV.

    I guess you know by now that I went to Tuesday’s Mets game. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll go back later today (Wednesday), but I have to be at work by 8pm, so I won’t even get to see the first pitch this time.

    We need to talk. I have some venting to do…


    Zack, hopefully there will be no rain on Wednesday night and another exciting game will take place. Really pumped up about this series. It kind of reminds of the battles the Mets had back in the mid-80s against the Cardinals. Maybe this is a sign of things to come. There is life after Mike Piazza and it looks very bright. This team is looks very together. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will meet tonight.

  5. Zack

    It was great to see you during BP. Sorry I had to run…and sorry the game didn’t turn out better. Thanks for trying to help me get a ball from Senor Lopez. I think that if he had a little bit more humor, he would’ve tossed one my way. Let’s talk soon.

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