200th ball of 2005

I didn’t think I’d be going back to Yankee Stadium for a while, but a friend just offered me a fantastic ticket for tonight’s game against Toronto–one of those corporate-owned box seats with waiter service and a cushion built in–so I’m going. It might be another sellout, and that makes me nervous. It’s impossible to get game balls at that place, so whatever I do, I HAVE to do it within 75 minutes of batting practice–and after five of those minutes, the outfield seats will be packed.

My heart always races right before I run into Yankee Stadium. I don’t think about reaching double digits or maintaining my average of 6.8 balls per game or even saving my streak of three or more balls per game. All I think about is getting ONE ball, and until that happens, I’m in a constant state of panic. Still, I have to assume that I’ll get at least two balls tonight, and when I do, that’ll be 200 for the season.

In case you end up watching the game and want to look for me, I’ll be sitting about a dozen rows behind 1st base, just in front of the main aisle that runs through the field level seats. Should be a decent spot for pop-ups from righties.

It’s 2:01pm. I have to prepare my Blue Jays roster and find something to eat and gather my stuff and head out. I’ll leave you with a photograph of the balls that I collected last week in two games at Great American, two more at Minute Maid, and one at Shea:



  1. josh_aj_goreham@hotmail.com

    I would think I’ll be watching the game tonight.. I usually watch every Jays game, don’t laugh… and if you want a ball try asking Orlando Hudson, or Frank Cattalanotto, maybe even Reed Johnson.. they are pretty nice people that way.

  2. linville@gwu.edu

    Josh(et al)- you’re asking the guy who’s obsessed (accept it Z) with collecting baseballs and has a collection of 2629 balls not to laugh at you for watching every Jays game. HA! Love ya Zack.

  3. fionaverschoor@hotmail.com

    This is so cool, a person doing exactly what I hope to do when I’m older! O.O Sounds like ya have a lot of fun at those games, any tips for a 14 year old on getting some balls? ;)

  4. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    ^ What’re you waiting for?

    Ask nicely.

    Stand out.

    Be mobile.

    Be passionate.

    You’ll get some baseballs.

  5. Zack

    I’m back from the game, and you definitely didn’t see me on TV. There weren’t any foul balls within 50 feet of me. It was sad. Thanks for the heads up on who to ask, but normally, I’ll pursue a specific situation or location over a specific player. I mean, it’s great to know who’s more likely to give away a ball, but I can’t follow a guy around just for that reason, especially at Yankee Stadium where access is completely limited. (I’m not laughing, by the way.)


    I accept it. Love ya right back.


    The Grocery Man said it for me: what ARE you waiting for? I was 14 when I started attending games regularly. The only tough thing for you, if you don’t live in a big city with public transportation, will be finding a way to get to the ballpark as often as you want. But assuming you can make it there, just show up early and bring your glove and wear a hat of the visiting teams when they’re on the field and make sure you can identify the players. Those are the real basics. Beyond that, I would suggest that you read my old entries (check out the “archive” section) to learn all kinds of strategies that I use.


    You da man. “Be mobile.” Yes yes yes.

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