Back in NYC

It’s 5:27pm.
I just got back from Houston.
Yes, I went to the game last night and saw Roger Clemens lose.
No, I haven’t had time to write about it.
I haven’t even looked at my photos or updated my web site.
I’ve barely slept.
I have to work tonight until 3am.
I feel like I’m about to die (but in a good way).
Point is, the final Minute Maid Park entry has to wait ’til tomorrow.
Bear with me…



    So now that you’ve been to all of the major league ballparks, which one is the worst for catching balls?


    Cmon man, he didnt need to go to Houston and Cincinatti to deliver an answer to that question.

    Yankee Stadium is the worst stadium in Major League Baseball for baseballs, for autographs, for affordable enjoyment of a game, for food, for breathing, for exploration…basically anything but “the history”.


    Haha, you are right… I’ve only been there once though. It was a bad experience I guess, there was a leak in the ceiling leaking on me the whole game… and it smelled

  4. Zack

    I haven’t been to every major league stadium…Petco is still waiting to be scratched off my list…and before I make it there, the Cardinals’ new stadium will open…plus I’m sure there will be other new ballparks opening after that, including one in the Bronx. Yankee Stadium would actually be pretty good for balls (as would most places) if there were only 15,000 fans per game instead of 50,000. But Grocery Man is right. Pretty much everything about the place stinks. That’s SO funny about the dripping water. I love it, not because it happened to YOU, but because it’s another example of how that place is really just a dump is disguise. I can’t wait ’til it’s a thing of the past. Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium are both really tough as well. Wrigley is not an easy place to deal with. RFK is a real pain. Dolphin Stadium is difficult…it’s not meant for baseball, and access is limited. Shea would be a complete disaster if it didn’t open two and a half hours early. Kauffman Stadium is only easy because of the small crowds…with 40,000 people there, it would be a nightmare. Same for Olympic Stadium. Even with just 20,000 at that place, it was almost impossible to do anything. Remember the Vet? I hated it. County Stadium annoyed me, but I was only there for one game back in ’98. I don’t know. I could go on and on and write 1,000 words about each place…but I won’t.


    Very very very well said.

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