Great American Ballpark, here I come…

I just got to Cincinnati, and it looks like it might rain. I don’t care. I’m about to run off to Great American Ballpark, and I am PUMPED!!!


This is my absolute favorite kind of vacation. I don’t need Europe. I don’t care about the Caribbean. I don’t want to go skiing or go on a cruise. I don’t even want company. Just give me a cheap hotel, a few cheap meals, a new stadium, and set me free…



    Some suggestions on what you can caption that pick if you put it in the Photo Album:

    “Hample SMASH!”

    “Give me the ball, or I’ll get angry. You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry.”

    “This hotel room ROCKS!”



    You are nucking futs. For sure, go get a stack of baseballs now, will ya?



    Good luck tonight Zack, make all of us blog followers proud. lol

    Did you catch Randy Winn’s cycle HR?

    Go Cincy, Nick

  4. Zack

    Thank you.


    You be silly. But I like it.


    Not gonna argue with your first sentence. And to the second: I tried my best. I’m about to go to bed, so you’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow to read about it.


    No cycle homer, but wait ’til you see what I got AFTER the game…


    Zack, this is possibly the scariest picture on the internet that I have ever seen. Please don’t allow this to happen again. Thank you and have a nice day.

  6. Zack

    Helmet? No.
    Glove? No.

    Good guesses, however.

    Anyway, you know the answer now.


    There’s no denying it. You like it.

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