Ball + Sharpie = Sadness

When you’re getting an autograph on a ball, DO NOT USE A SHARPIE!!! Over time, the ink will bleed and end up looking like this:


(This is a practice ball that the Mets marked several years ago.)

Sharpies are great for cards and tickets and photos and programs and hats and bats and jerseys and gloves and hot dog wrappers–but when it comes to balls, make sure to use a ball-point pen.

Thank you.

(10 days ’til Cincinnati.)



    This is unrelated to your post and you may already have discussed this, but I was thinking that another interesting stat you could calculate would be Cost Per Baseball. Simply divide the amount you paid for the ticket by number of balls you caught. For example I went to a White Sox game the other day for half-price and caught a baseball. My CPB for that game was 7.00. If I had your talent and caught 4 my CPB would be 1.75. It kind of works and looks like an ERA since the better you do the lower it is. Imagine what your career CPB must be. It would be interesting to know that.

  2. Zack

    Cool idea. I’ve often thought about it, but my thoughts were never as crisp and formulated as yours. You know…I think I’ll talk about this in my next entry. Thanks!


    Hey guys, no matter how many times you bring up the fact that baseballs shouldn’t be signed with sharpies, there will always be some fools doing it. I have gotten fed up with giving out kindly advice to alledged autograph “collectors” who walk around with a ball and sharpie in hand. I get sick just seeing that in spring training as well as at regular season ballgames. In my opinion, if everyone knows that the world is round, and mind you, there are some idiots who would dispute that, then everyone should know not to use sharpies on baseballs. Maybe its just me and I happen to care. LOL!!!

  4. Zack

    Well said, Mister George. I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to chime in. It’s amazing to me that the players don’t even know the difference and don’t even care. If I were signing, I’d want my autograph to look good in five years, and I’d educate the fans and insist on getting a ballpoint pen in my hand before signing. Really. I would.


    Zack, I was away for a few days celebrating my one year anniversary with my girlfriend. You certainly are a classy dude when you mention educating fans and wanting your autograph to look good in five years. For the most part, today’s players just don’t give a hoot about the fans. They don’t really want to sign autographs to being with, but do it to save face. So, the trade off is to give a rushed and crappy signature. Funny how things work out, because once their careers are over, they are so accomadating to the fans, but by then, its too late because the casual fan doesn’t care or remember their former glory.

  6. Zack

    Ahhh, yes, the anniversary. I hope that you celebrated in style. Anyway, well said. I always appreciate hearing your expert opinion on autographs.


    What if your parents give you money to go to a game and a train ticket and a metrocard, and bring home a few bucks. Would you have a negative CPB? :)

  8. Zack

    What a concept. Yes, I suppose you would. Or you could calculate it according to THEIR money.

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