Still stuck at 2,574

I decided not to go to Camden Yards today for two reasons:

1) Last night, the Orioles played an 11-inning game that lasted four hours and 13 minutes. They also waited out a one-hour and 37-minute rain delay. Let’s do the math…four-thirteen…one-thirty-seven…five hours and 50 minutes! That means the game didn’t end until 12:55am. And THAT means the managers might cancel batting practice in order to give their players a little extra sleep. (Do the O’s and Rangers really need BP after combining for 19 runs and 33 hits?)

2) said there’s a 30% chance of thunderstorms.

I’m getting tired of writing about all the games I’m not going to, and you’re probably getting tired of reading about it, but this is my life during baseball season. It’s a constant struggle to find free time that overlaps with favorable conditions.

At least it’s only 18 days until I leave for Cincinnati–and 20 days until Houston.



    Hey Z,

    A couple of things: although you may not go to the game, let it be known the Rangers are a shaggers dream, they hit TONS of BP HR’s. And, they’re generous with baseballs, at least the guys I’ve asked.

    Hey dude, tell me what this equals? I’m going to Ameriquest next Tuesday night. The Rangers are slumping, it’s a weeknight, and they’re playing the Devil Rays. Can you say, maybe I can hit double digits for the first time at a Major League game?


    Another thing, it would be fun to have you come to Ameriquest, why Houston?


    yesterday there were:
    18,971 @ milwaukee

    17,378 @ kansas city

    22,079 @ tampa bay

    21,216 @ florida

    18,998 @ toronto

    26,283 @ colorado

    how nice would it have been to be at any of those ballparks yesterday…even tampa with boston in town was rediculously empty…and watching most of those games on TV on my extra innings package…they looked so much less empty than the attendances given.

  4. Zack

    I haven’t seen the Rangers much in the last few years, but they’ve always seemed like a good team for balls. I loved when Juan-Gone came to the Bronx. I think you have as good a chance as ever to break double digits on Tuesday, but of course, to get that many balls you need a whole lot of luck in addition to great circumstances. Sometimes I’m out in LF at Shea all by myself for the first 15 minutes of BP and there’s not a single ball that lands in the seats. There’s no strategy to guard against that. Why Houston? Because Minute Maid Park is one of three current stadiums I haven’t yet been to. (The others are Great American and Petco.) I need to hit up all the new ones before I start spending hundreds of dollars to revisit my favorites, you know?


    You’re making me drool. It’s been painfully long since I’ve been to a game with less than 20,000 people. But hey, nice job of putting those numbers together. Yesterday’s Orioles game—the one I nearly went to—had just 22,254. Ouch. The reason why the ballparks look emptier than they should is that “attendance” measures the number of tickets sold, not the number of fannies in the seats.

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