Another U-turn

No work yesterday.

Nothing but a ballgame at Yankee Stadium…at least that was my plan.

I slept until 1pm, rushed through a bunch of e-mails, devoured a peach and a day-old slice of pizza, cranked out my blog entry, gathered my things for the game, and ran to the subway. Two trains and a brisk five-minute walk later, I was standing at the ticket window. It was nearly three hours before the first pitch.

The game, I was told, was nearly sold out and the cheapest remaining ticket was $42.

No way I was paying that much.

I had a little time to spare, so I hung around and approached the window half an hour later to see if anything cheaper had been released in the system.

“Sorry,” said the woman. “Everything’s still at least forty-two, but you can check back in around gametime. You never know.”

Oh thanks. Gametime. That’s helpful.

For whatever reason, I have no problem spending $1,000 to see a few games in Cincinnati and UturnHouston, but I refuse to pay $42 for an evening at Yankee Stadium.

So I left.
Another U-turn.
Very frustrating.

The game ended up being the Yankees’ 10th consecutive sellout and 21st of the season. What a disaster.

Today’s game will probably extend the sellout streak because it’s “Thurman Munson Bronze Statuette Night” for the first 18,000 fans 21 and over. I really don’t understand why people go crazy for these things…and for giveaways in general. I prefer to earn my souvenirs. Some might argue that the way to “earn” a ball would be to catch it at a sold out game. Whatever. Good for them. Let them do it. I want no part of these sellouts. If that means I don’t go to another Yankee game all year, so be it. There’s always Shea…and there’s Baltimore. I’m free on Thursday, and the Orioles are hosting the Rangers. Should I go? I don’t know. It might be worth it just to get to boo Kenny Rogers. (Of course, if he throws me a ball, I’ll love him forever.)

The official Cincinnati countdown is at 19 days. Oh baby.



    I finally found the mistake in FHM, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And it defenitly was laughable.


    Once again, another thrown back HR ball in Yankee Stadium tonight, Justin Morneau’s 9th inning homerun was thrown back… its just a shame.

  3. Zack

    Glad you found the mistake. It’s so bad that I was tempted to call FHM and chew them out.

    No Yanks-Twins for me. I was working, and I’m glad. It was another 50,000+ crowd.

  4. Zack

    Nope…and I just explained why in my latest entry. Very frustrating to go this long without a game.


    Some day, it’ll be my hope that you understand why people go crazy over these things.

    It’s because we’re invested in the history of our team. Thurman Munson represents a ton of things in my life. He’s how I learned about life and death as a kid. That someone as strong and willful is not stronger than death. And his performance on the field, that you can be riddled by injuries and still give it everything you got.

    I went to Munson night Wednesday. I was disgruntled to hear a teen ask “who was Thurman Munson” and even more upset to hear the reply from her, I guess, relative. “An old-timer Yankee.”

    Thurman Munson was not just an old-timer Yankee. He was the first captain since Lou Gehrig. And there are a multitude of reasons for that. I think of every one of them when I look at that statuette. THAT’S why it means something to me.

  6. Zack

    I suppose I said what I said mainly because I’m frustrated that these promos cause 53,000 people to cram into Yankee Stadium…and perhaps because I knew (and hoped) that you’d be reading. ;-)

    I know about Munson, but I don’t REALLY know about Munson since I was still in diapers when his career and life came to such a tragic end. I appreciate what you said. I think I learned something about him just from these few parahraphs.

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