Is there a fact-checker in the house?

Last month, a writer with the Des Moines Register interviewed me for an article about how to get baseballs at Principal Park, home of the Triple-A Iowa Cubs.
We e-mailed back and forth for weeks…
I sent him the link to my web site
I sent him the link to this blog…
We talked on the phone…

And the guy STILL somehow managed to spell my name wrong.

Not surprisingly, he messed up a few other things. He wrote that I’ve caught over 2,500 “foul balls” and he mangled one of my explanations about where to sit.

If you want to see these mess-ups and more, here are the links (which I just found for the first time last Desmoinesregister2night):

Part One
Part Two

These types of mistakes are nothing new. In fact, when there’s a story written about me that does NOT have any mistakes, I’m always surprised.

In May, FHM made such a dumb mistake that I had to laugh about it. Take a look at the piece and see if you can spot it.



    Hey, yeah I totally recommend it! It’s awesome, especially for a person like you. They have all achieve games of this year, and the 2004 season. Well worth the 80 bucks, but I wouldnt recomend it for now, the season is 65% done. Why pay full price now? get it next season.

  2. Zack

    Man, if only I’d known about this sooner. I’m afraid, though, that if I get it, I’ll never get anything else done.


    Right-handed batters usually hit fouls down the third base line, not the first, as it says in the article.

  4. bloggingboutbaseball

    And… it’s a catcher’s mitt, right? Ha, again! Wait… can you use the “mitt” trick? Would that work?

  5. zackhample

    Hey! I always love comments that come my way three years after the fact. Anyway, you’re right about the glove/mitt trick being all messed up. Sigh…

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