It’s Friday afternoon. The weather is perfect. The Dodgers are in town. It’s “Merengue Night” at Shea Stadium. There’s going to be a huge crowd and a post-game concert. I heard that security will be checking tickets outside the Field AND Loge levels. What fun. (Yes, I’m still going.)

And now, the random portion of the program…

Is it true that a fan in Arlington fell into the bullpen while trying to catch a home run the other night? I didn’t see the highlight. What happened?


Funny news from the Mexican League: Los Langosteros de Cancun had to forfeit Wednesday’s doubleheader against Los Pericos de Puebla because there were no baseballs…because their entire supply was ruined when they left it outside during the hurricane. The teams should have called me and asked for some balls. I would’ve been delighted to say no.

My friend Adam (a.k.a. “groceryman” for those of you who read the comments on this blog) just left for 10 days in California. He called me last night at 2am, and we spent an hour discussing ball-snagging strategies for SBC Park, McAfee Coliseum, and Dodger Stadium. He’s also going to Petco Park, but that’s one of three stadiums I haven’t been to, so he’ll be giving ME some tips (and hopefully a few ticket stubs) upon his return. If he finds a computer while he’s gone, he’ll give us some updates.

I finally booked myself a room at the Cincinnati Ramada even though their “system is still down.” How? Because it finally occurred to the genius who’s been answering the phone to direct me to the company’s 1-800 number. They’re lucky. I was about to settle for Travelodge. (I guess that makes me lucky, too.) Twenty-four more days and I’m there.


  1. mstadlen@aol.com

    i remember adam saying his debut on the blog was gonna be after the hair cut?

  2. evilsnare1@yahoo.com

    haha yeah man, I think giambi hit a homer, and a guy from the first row, above to angels bullpen reached out for it and fell into the pen. It was hilarious because there were 5 or so pitchers sitting down, one of them raised his hands like “WHAT THE!??!” hilarious! But it was a pretty high fall, Michael Kay agreed saying “Im surprised he didnt kill himself”. And then you see the guy stuck in the pen, and runs off to the right. SECURITY PLEASE!

  3. evilsnare1@yahoo.com

    Oh, it was the texas bullpen.. lol man the angels are on my mind..***** tonight’s game was **** =\

  4. Zack

    That does sound hilarious. Thanks for describing it. I wish I could see a replay…maybe on ESPN’s plays of the week?

  5. evilsnare1@yahoo.com

    lol yeah, dont you have MLB.TV? watch it there lol. If you want to use my account, let me know I wont mind letting you use it.

  6. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    woah. I’m a star.

    It was unexpectedly Gaylord Perry bobblehead night last night at SBC, and that pretty much speaks for itself and my total for the day. There were 200-300 people waiting at each gate. It was Yankee Stadium-esque.

    My best SBC game was on Friday when I strolled in in the 7th inning.

    yea. more later.

  7. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    oh yea, it is “THE Grocery Man” and George, I keep it fresh. Holleration.

  8. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    Drew good looking out on the hair cut thing. Zack its all good. It does look retarded though. I look like a [expletive deleted] undertaker.

    Next up: McAfee tomorrow evening

  9. Zack

    Is that even legal? And no, I don’t have MLB.TV. Thanks for the offer. I’d love to check it out…even just as a browsing-to-see-if-it’s-worth-buying exercise. You recomment it? If there’s anything you’d like to tell me privately, my e-mail address is ZackSnags@aol.com.


    You are indeed a star. I do remember, now that Drew has jarred my memory, that you wanted me to wait to post your pic, but I got so excited that I forgot. Anyway, cut your **** hair, and I’ll share a the new you with the world. Sorry to hear that Gaylord ruined your day. That’s AWFUL. At least the Beanie Baby craze is over. I had some bad experiences with those promotions back in the day…like that time at Comiskey when there were hundreds of people outside the gate who’d been sitting on lawn chairs since 6am. Yeah, THAT was fun. Good luck at the Oakland Mausoleum.

  10. watters11@hotmail.com

    About the fan falling into the bullpen in Texas…I was at the game and he didn’t exactly fall into the pen he jumped down and grabbed the ball and threw it up to his friends. Then, after he went back to his seat security came and got him. Haha evilsnare1 if it was the Angels bullpen he probably would have broken his leg or got killed. Thats a pretty good drop into that pen!

  11. Zack

    Wow. Thanks for setting the record straight. That’s cool that you were there. I wonder if the bullpen incident was really one of those moves where the fan lets himself fall after (whoops!) just reaching a little bit too far and “accidentally” losing his balance. I still haven’t seen the footage…

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