“Where do you keep all your balls?”

Here’s a pic of the 127 balls I’ve caught this season…


Ooh yes, how artsy…sunlight beaming through half-opened shades onto a hardwood floor…yeah whatever. My apartment is small, and that’s an understatement. I don’t have room for a fancy display, so I’m keeping this year’s balls in a duffel bag, which is normally zipped up and tucked away in my cluttered closet. I don’t have to see the balls every day; just knowing that I own them makes me happy.

The other 2,431 balls are in 32-gallon recycling barrels, filing drawers, boxes, and bags–at my parents’ place. Next time I’ve over there, I’ll take a pic (and do some laundry and order some beef & broccoli from China Fun).


  1. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    7/18/05 – RFK

    A dissapointing day filled with missed opportunities and just plain bad luck. I arrived at the gate one minute before they opened, right on time. I hurried to the right field corner where the Rockies pitchers were throwing. Zach Day (Ex-Nat) would not throw me a ball, Dan Miceli also turned me down. The happy birthday ploy failed on Jason Jennings also. Once the batting practice started, I went to the left field corner where you told me about the grassy area inbetween the stands and the bullpen. Sure enough, two pretty baseballs… Sure enough, one snotty security gaurd… He wouldn’t let me use the glove trick. The only ball of the day came from Marcos Carvajal, who tossed it to me after fielding a grounder in the outfield. There was one pitcher in the outfield who was wearing a jacket so his number was hidden. Therefor I didn’t know his name… the man next to me had a picture roster of the Rockies and the two of us were trying to figure out who he was when – SMACK – a hooking linedrive sailing my way, unfortunatly I got a bad jump on the ball because I wasn’t paying attention. I could have easily gotten it if I were paying more attention, but instead the ball hit a man square in the stomach who was paying less attention than I was. Funny how it works out. More bad news. The Nationals took no batting practice, so for the next 45 minutes, nothing happened at all…

    The Nationals lost in the ninth on a Buckner-like groundball error by Castilla at third, the ball rolled into left and the soon to be winning run scored easily from second. The error was one of six in the game (Washington-3err. Colorado-3err.), not exactly a defensive clinic.

    But it was fun I guess, Hopefully tomorrow will be a better game.

    Season Totals –

    3 balls in 7 games (Most of which not my fault that I arrived after the first pitch)


  2. Zack

    Oh man, that IS disappointing. Sorry to hear about the snotty guard. That’s the worst…when there’s a ball that you know you can get, but you’re not allowed to go for it. I’ve also missed my share of balls by not paying attention. It doesn’t happen often, but know that you’re not alone.

    The home team always takes BP first, and RFK opens just 90 minutes before gametime. That’s why you didn’t see the Nats out on the field before the game. Right?

    Even though it was a frustrating day for you, I enjoyed reading your play-by-play. Looking forward to the next installment…and yeah, what about the Rockies hat?

  3. dantv64dan@aol.com

    If you were to ever catch a historic ball (let’s just say, uhhh, Barry Bonds 715th, even though I know you wouldn’t be anywhere near a stadium that crowded), would you put it in that duffel bag, or would you you keep it seperate?

  4. doppychico89@yahoo.com

    No luck on the Rockies hat, its not like it seemed to matter though, most of the Rockies weren’t very generous to anyone, Rockies fan or not. I forgot that the home team takes BP first, I’m used to Camden where the visitor’s BP ends right before the first pitch, not 45 minutes before like in RFK.
    Tonight, I’m going to go the left field corner first and if I see a ball down there, I’m going to just take it regardless of security… maybe they wont notice if I’m quick enough.

    Anyways, I let you guys know how I do later tonight…Bye


  5. Zack

    If I caught a historic home run ball, I would definitely keep it separate. I might even give it back if I got some incredible reward for it..and I mean INCREDIBLE…not “two signed jerseys and a chance to throw out the first pitch” incredible. Or maybe I’d sell it and use the money to attend a lifetime of games. But I wouldn’t just toss it in the duffel bag. I might have two write an actual entry about it at some point.


    You can get a way with being a little more risky with security since RFK is not your home ballpark. If the guards get mad at you for committing the crime of trying to get a ball that’s not even on the **** field…well, you never have to see them again. Good luck.

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