7/14/05 at Shea Stadium

2549It was a good baseball night:-Kris Benson retired the first ten batters.
-David Wright hit two solo home runs in his first two at bats.
Clifffloyd_1-Cliff Floyd made a running catch in foul territory and flipped over the wall.
-Wright ran and dove and caught a popped up bunt on a suicide squeeze and turned it into an unassisted double play.
-Carlos Beltran went 4-for-4.
-Mike Piazza hit a three-run, opposite field homer to break a 3-3 tie in the bottom of the eighth.
-Braden Looper didn’t screw up.

2550But it was a bad baseballs night:
-When Shea opened at 4:40pm, there were already a hundred kids in the seats because of some afternoon baseball clinic.
-The Mets ended batting practice 20 minutes early.
-The Braves ended batting practice 14 minutes early.
-There was a claustrophobically high attendance of 43,319.
-I was forced to stand for the entire game because the few seats I wanted were taken.
-I didn’t come within 30 feet of a single foul ball all night.

2551There were, however, some HappyZack moments:
-I got two balls thrown to me by future Hall of Famers (Tom Glavine and Andruw Jones).
-I got two more balls thrown to me by rookies (Andy Marte and Brian McCann) without even asking for them. These guys (who are top prospects…not scrubs…see comments below) just walked toward me and tossed them. Very weird.
-I extended both of my streaks (402 consecutive games with at least one ball…28 consecutive games with at least four).
-Not once did I get yelled at by security.
Jefffrancoeur-I got Jeff Francoeur’s autograph and told him that I’ve written his name many many times on the minor league web site this season. He was nice, even for a 21-year-old rookie.
-While playing catch in shallow left field, Eddie Perez saw me moving to some salsa and shook his head with disdain. When I continued, he shouted, “You don’t know how to dance!” to which I replied, “Why don’t you help out my white [tushy] with a ball?!” He laughed but didn’t throw me one.
-I got to see Bobby Cox suffer.

2552Two other things:
-I’m going back to Shea later today as long as it doesn’t rain; my 28-game streak is in danger.
-My current ball total is a palindrome: 2,552.


  1. loveg30@aol.com

    Zack, Any day the Mets win is a great baseball day. I am disappointed in your use of the word “scrubs” to define two Braves rookies. McCann is hitting well over .300 and Marte is a huge prospect. Both players are in their early 20s and have bright futures in the big leagues. The most impressive thing about the Braves and their so called “scrubs” is that are legitimate contenders once again and may win another division title. Please, don’t use the word scrub to describe major league players, its such a misnomer. How nice of them that they added to your collection. That in itself should disqualify them as being called “scrubs.” Congrats on getting Jeff Francoeur, he is an outstanding prospect.

  2. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    WOAH. I havent even read the entire blog yet, but as soon as I saw you call Marte and McCann scrubs I went to do the same thing as loveg did. Andy Marte is one of the best prospects in the ENTIRE league. Baseball Prospectus had him at #1 this offseason. McCann was in the top 50 as well. You freaking write for Minor League Baseball! Cmon now.

    I got Francoeur, McCann, AND Marte yesterday. Prospected out.

  3. Zack

    Gentlemen, I apologize for my flippant use of the word “scrubs.” I have no excuse for myself. As you will see, I have edited the entry and praised the players in question while highlighting my own foolishness.

  4. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    Ok. You’re right. Now how do I “be quite”? I’m unfamiliar with this practice. Please let me know.

  5. Zack

    All right all right. Enough with the jabbing. Be quiet. Be quite. Be qtuie for all I care.

    George, I’m glad I made you happy. That is, after all, one of my missions in life.

  6. slyguyohwhy@hotmail.com

    wow groceryman its a simple spelling mistake. Its not like you haven’t ever made one on a computer you retard.

  7. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    Wow you crafty “slyguy” you, I had absolutely ZERO idea that it was a simple spelling mistake. I actually thought it was Sixto Lezcano doing jumping jacks on a windy day, defragmenting into an albatross with an uncanny taste for OshKosh and the Furious Five. My bad.

  8. slyguyohwhy@hotmail.com

    well if you know its a simple spelling mistake then dont make such a big deal out of it you *******.

  9. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    Uh oh. What is behind the ****? What can it be?

    You seem awfully on edge, sir. I suggest sitting down with some pretzels and a beverage.

  10. Zack

    “C’mon, people now,
    Smile on your brother,

    Everybody get together,

    Try to love one another right now.”

  11. loveg30@aol.com

    “These pretzels are making me thristy.” Slyguy, I have to jump in here because and tell you that it is a big deal labeling those two players as “scrubs.” Zack was right on by correct his mistake and now groceryman corrected your spelling mistake. Though I feel love is too strong of a word for Zack to use here, lets just all try to get along. I like those lyrics very much Zack. P.S. Okay, I will go back to being quite. LOL!!!!!

  12. loveg30@aol.com

    Oh yes Zack, another great lyric. Thanks for sharing that one with us.

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