Those two radio interviews…

I just got off the phone from back-to-back radio interviews, and the first one was BY FAR the worst I’ve ever done. It was the Paul & Young Ron Show on “BIG 105.9” in Miami, and these two guys who “interviewed” me were aggressively rude and hostile. Now don’t get me wrong, I can take my share of baseball ribbing–you know, stuff like “How many little kids did you have to knock over?” or “I guess you don’t have a girlfriend ha ha ha”–but these guys were relentless. Not only did they make fun of everything I said, but they interrupted all of my answers and then hung up on me! It was unbelievable, in the true sense of the word. Boycott the station.

The second interview was with “FM 106.1 Continuous Country Favorites!” in Milwaukee and it was great. The hosts were friendly and genuinely interested in what I had to say. The only bad thing is that it was taped half an hour in advance and then digitally edited, so part of what I said got cut, including my “Check out MLBlogs” plug. That’s how it goes.

MilwaukeeradiostationIt’s now 9:25am, and I’ve only had 90 minutes of sleep, but before I crawl back into bed, I have a quick question (for anyone who watched last night’s All-Star Game). What’s the deal with the players carrying balls onto the field during the pregame introductions? I kept waiting for these balls to be tossed into the crowd…and I’m still waiting…



    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the players running out with balls. I dunno.


    hey zack, (just for the record this is groceryman’s cousin)I listened to the interview and thought that paul and ron are disgraces to the past, present, and future of the radio. I’ve already begun to boycott. Keep up the good blog-work.


    THE BOYCOTT IS ON. There sure wont be any classic rock penetrating my ear drums when i’m partying in South Beach…I mean, going to Dolphins Stadium. No sir.

  4. Zack

    First of all, thank you groceryman for recording both interviews (although it’s hard to call the first one an “interview”).

    While I’m sorry you (both) ended up hearing it, it WAS nice to have someone to complain to when the abuse was over…someone who also heard it and who collects baseballs and who could relate.

    To the cousin-

    Thanks. “Disgraces” is a good word here. Well said. Hope to see you again soon at the barn otherwise known as Shea.


    Hey zack, whats up? Man you’ve got a HILARIOUS hobby, I was wondering is there a infinite target you’d want to reach and then stop? Have you consulted Guniess book of world records for publication of your great hobby? Lol anyway i’m from brooklyn but moved to toronto last year, im coming back to new york city end of this month, I’m gonna go to the yankees game, if I could go with you, i’d be great. I wanna see how u manage to catch all those balls! lol okay reply back at Later man

  6. Zack

    I’ll write to your personal e-mail address, but I want to say a couple things here for the other people who are reading this…

    I don’t know what my ULTIMATE goal is, but I just posted an entry (July 14) about what I’ll be shooting for over the next few years. Good timing with that question.

    I’ve been in touch with Guinness several times. In the summer of ’99, they contacted me to have me on their show (“Guinness Records Primetime” or something like that) but it fell through. They don’t have a category for baseball collecting, and they generally like to stick with categories they alreay have…or if they are going to make a new one, it has to be something that they decide is extremely popular. Apparently, not too many people are writing in about their baseball totals. To make matters worse, the Guinness people are all in London so they have no clue how popular it is.

    Finally, for anyone who wants to go to a game with me, I have a few things to say:

    1. I can’t plan ahead more than a few days because of my ever-changing work schedule.

    2. Even if I’m free and planning to go to a certain game, I’ll probably stay home if it’s raining.

    3. I prefer to go to games alone. Exceptions can be made, but I can’t maneuver nearly as much if I have someone with me…especially at Shea.

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