Golden balls?!

GoldenballDid you hear about tonight’s Home Run Derby? Rawlings and MLB are introducing new golden balls, which will be used when each player is down to his last “out.” Every homer hit with one of them will generate $21,000 for charity.
I applaud that.

But I have issues with the ball itself. When I first saw this picture of it, my first reaction was closer to “Ewww!” than “Oooh!” The Century 21 logo, in my opinion, makes the whole thing seem tacky, and I’m concerned that the dual-color paneling will distract the hitters. Am I being too harsh? What do you think?

By the way, the few All-Star balls I’ve caught came from random batting practices here and there. In other words, I’ve never been to an All-Star Game–or a HR Derby. Anyone got an extra ticket?



    Zack, you have issues in general. LOL!!!!!I think golden balls are a nice touch and only a dunce like Manny Ramirez would be easily distracted. Once again you are being too harsh, but thats what makes you so darn special. Glad you informed me of this on your blog, otherwise I don’t think I would have known.

  2. Zack

    Now see, George, nowhere in my blog did it say, “What do you think about Manny Ramirez?” But that’s fine, you’re entitled to your feeble-minded opinions. :-)


    my back-commenting on your blog continues.

    I was at the 2006 all star game/home run derby(and really could’ve used your help)

    fun times. It was a lottery system and I won.(standing room only, but who cares? who sits down for the home run derby anyway? Sadly the Giants are only selling to Giant season ticket holders. so that *****. i’d like to go again.

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