Fan fumbles two home runs


When I got to work yesterday, everyone asked me if I’d seen the fan at Yankee Stadium who dropped two home runs the day before.

Yes, of course I had, and it was incredibly frustrating. This guy was sitting in THE spot for home runs, just behind the short porch in right field where I always TRY to sit…except there’s never an empty seat out there, even when the attendance is “only” 40,000. (Each of the last eight Yankees games has drawn over 52,000 fans, which is why I’ve stayed away.)

ESPN showed this guy’s lameness among the week’s top ten bloopers, and the Associated Press even wrote a story about him.

Whether or not a fan makes headlines for catching or dropping a ball, I’m glad to see my favorite hobby get some attention.

(Click the picture on the right and check out the facial expression of the woman in the white hat.)



    On the same night, in Houston I believe, a guy caught a ball that deflected off another guy, and he GAVE IT BACK to the guy it hit off. That’s more disturbing than this poor HR catcher.


    Groceryman made me think of something also, how about when a visiting player hits an IN GAME homerun, and the person throws the ball back. Holy cow, regardless of team, an in game homerun is like the holy grail of baseballs. It makes me cringe at Ameriquest when people chuck a HR ball back onto the field.

    Zack, check your email for pictures of my labeling of baseballs.

  3. Zack

    Whoa, I didn’t know about that Houston homer. That’s terrible. Perhaps I’m just an evil human being, but whenever I see a fan drop a ball, I hope that the player (or ballboy or whoever) will give it to someone else. I believe in second chances, but not when it comes to catching baseballs.

    I would never throw back a home run ball, even if I had to fight for my life in Wrigley’s bleachers. I once caught an Orioles home run at Yankee Stadium and had people approaching me and screaming in my face to throw it back. I told one guy, “YOU catch a home run and YOU throw it back.”

    I’m still at work, waiting for the editors to look at my 11th and final recap of the night, but when I get home, I’ll check out those pics…oh whoops, they gave me one more thing to do. Gotta run.

  4. Zack

    The pics look great. Thanks. I especially like the one of the balls on the rack, but I do have one issue with it, which is that your writing is the thing that faces out…instead of the balls’ logos. But it’s still an impressive display. I wish there were some way to display all of mine. I’d need a whole wall or hallway or room or museum or something. I’m not even sure how much space it would require. As for the second pic you sent, I noticed that you messed up a little bit when you were writing “Guardado.” How much, if at all, does it bother you to have a small crossout on the ball? It would drive me insane because I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to this stuff.


    Yeah, I don’t get too whipped up about a small mistake. I simpy enjoy having a game room that is pretty sweet.


    I’m not surprised to hear that an Oriole hit a homer against the Yank-mees. Yay for them.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. On a side note, as much as it may tick you off, I’d most DEFINITELY throw back a Yankee homerun at Camden Yards. Just to say I did it. Maybe I’d write something derrogatory on it with a sharpie first. Or a love letter to Luis Matos. Platonic love, of course…

  7. Zack

    I’m more shocked than upset when fans throw back home runs…but what if you caught Jeter’s first career grand slam or A-Rod’s 50th homer of the season or some other famous Yankee longball? You’d still chuck it?

    Matos, huh?


    I have just gotten started in the wonderful world of snagging baseballs so i havent had a chance to actually do this but whenever i go to a game i always take a extra ball with me hidden in my glove. that way if i bump a kid i can give him the second ball, or if a home run is hit by the other team i can throw back the second ball and still keep the first

  9. Zack

    Excellent idea. I used to do the same thing. I’d bring an extra ball from spring training and give that one away if the situation called for it, but those were old National/American League balls. Now the teams all use the same “major league” ball, and I don’t have any extras. Anyway, I hope you get to put your extra ball to good use.

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