Happy July 4th



  1. drosenda@msn.com

    Hey man, let me know how RFK goes. It’s a bad stadium for snagging, but you can get some from players. Plus, the Nats are using different balls ‘in game’, I don’t know about BP (the one I got was normal).

  2. Zack

    Yo. I know it’s a bad stadium. I can tell just by looking at the seating chart. I’ll blog all about my adventures there on Wednesday. As for the balls, I heard about that, too (not to sound like a know-it-all or anything). I’m planning to mention it in my next entry, which I’ll write as soon as I get home from work. AND…I know I owe you (and several other people) a few e-mails. I will write back. I swear. I’ve been busier than ever, working crazy hours, going to games, writing about going to games, running a writing group, and doing a dozen other things which I won’t bother getting into here. The point is, don’t be offended.

  3. david_e_davison@hotmail.com

    Its 3 am . I cant sleep. I have a confession. After waiting out a 2 hour rain delay , playing both righties and lefties to my upmost ability , I failed in my attempts at snagging a 2005 4th of July baseball. I had a homerun sail to my right, to my left , in front of me, and then over me. It would have been too easy to take a glance at one of those spheres that eluded me to see if indeed they were using special baseballs for this day.
    So….. with the clock nearing midnight and a line shot to short , I thanked the umpires and gave them my report.

    “Great game Tim , how bout a ball” , I yelled to the man who toiled at the dish , he glance and smiled and granted my wish. I caught the ball without the slightest of tussel , hoping and praying that it was worth all the hustle. Stars and stripes , thats what I wanted to see,

    but alas it was just not meant to be , no stars no stripes just one more gripe.

    I begged for a baseball. I can now goto sleep, happy 4th.

  4. Zack

    Great story. (Great poem.) Sorry it didn’t work out for you though. Does MLB have a 4th of July ball every year?

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