“Scattered Strong Storms”

Jeffreyloria_1It’s 2:40pm.Shea Stadium opens in exactly two hours.
I’m still thinking about zipping over there for batting practice.
Weather.com is saying “Scattered Strong Storms” for the rest of the day.
The sun, however, is temporarily winning its fight with the clouds.
This is unsettling.
I hope the new Shea is built with a retractable dome.

Random news:
–Three days after getting hit by that ball, my shoulder still hurts (but only if I touch it).
–I really DO like my job, even though yesterday’s entry might’ve led you to believe otherwise.
–While riding the M72 bus earlier this afternoon, I spotted Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria getting into a taxi between Madison and 5th Avenue. (No, this isn’t my card…just a picture I found on Google.)
–I wish I owned a major league baseball team. (Okay, this isn’t news.)


  1. dantv64dan@aol.com

    What exactly DO you do for MiLB anyway? Like, how do you write those wraps that show up on milb.com?

  2. thegroceryman1@yahoo.com

    DID you get his autograph? I’ve seen him at Shea once or twice.

  3. Zack

    I write recaps of minor league games for the minor league web site. The writing isn’t too fancy because I usually have to crank out at least half a dozen of them per shift, sometimes as many as ten, as well as other writing assigments from time to time. Tomorrow, or perhaps the day after, I’ll include links to my stories in my actual entry, but for now, here’s what you can do to find them:

    1. Go to minorleaguebaseball.com

    2. Click “scoreboard”

    3. Select a Double-A or Triple-A league (excluding the Mexican League).

    4. Click “wrap” underneath any of the games that come up (you might have to select a date in the upper right) and you might just be looking at my story. You’ll know if it’s mine because on the bottom, it’ll say “Zack Hample/MLB.com.” Keep searching if you don’t find me right away; there are several other recap writers, and we’re all working on the same leagues. Sorry this isn’t easier.


    I’ve never gotten Loria’s autograph, but I do usually see him at Shea (standing around on the field near the dugout before the game) when his team is in town.

  4. loveg30@aol.com

    Zack, A retractable dome at the new Shea? Are you insane? Come on now, I thought you were a purist!!!! A real baseball fan never wants a dome. Say it aint so Zack!!!!

  5. Zack

    I suppose I am somewhat of a purist, but I’m also a realist, and when BP is canceled by rain, it really bothers me.

  6. loveg30@aol.com

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! No way should there be a dome over a baseball field. Retractable or not, its just not the way it was meant to be. Players staring up at a ceiling instead of a beautiful blue sky? Come on people, get real. No domes in baseball, just like there is no crying in baseball. Realist? NO WAY!!! You want baseballs? I’ll get however many you want at Modell’s, but please no more dome talk. Thank you.

  7. Zack

    Yeah, go BUY some baseballs…that’s really what I want. No crying in baseball? Don’t tell Bret Boone.

  8. loveg30@aol.com

    Zacky, I rather buy all the baseballs on the planet than have a retractable dome. I would cry too if my 12 year baseball career ends the way Mr. Boone’s appears to be ending. Then again, if the Offermans and Baergas in the world can survive, why not Boone?

  9. Zack

    Oh please, now YOU sound like you’re crying. Boone’s career isn’t done. Someone will pick him up. I don’t know why you’re so anti-dome. Have you been to any of the new(er) ballparks that have ’em? Miller? Safeco? Bank One? Minute Maid? I’ve been to three of the four, and they’re seriously nice. I agree that some domes are fugly (Metrodome, Tropicana, etc.) but I think you’re being too harsh.

  10. ceetar@gmail.com

    I know it’s silly to be commenting in old entries, and I want to own a team too, but do YOU really? Do you want the players to feel obligated to throw you balls that are technically already yours?

  11. Jeffster

    I’ll continue the silly commenting on old entries by saying that an entire generation of kids who grew up watching games at the Astrodome are very much real baseball fans.

  12. Zack Hample

    Ahh, comments on old entries. Love ’em…

    Sure, why not? After some of the B.S. I’ve been through with security guards going out of their way to prevent me from getting baseballs, I could use a few easy ones.

    I miss the Astrodome. Only made it there once.

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