100th ball of 2005?

The Mets are hosting the Phillies tonight.Gametime = 7:10pm.
I have to be at work 50 minutes later.
My solution: go to batting practice, catch some balls, then leave.
(Yes, I still have to pay to get in.)

My third ball of the day will be my 100th of the season. Should I make a prediction? Okay…Phillies reliever Rheal Cormier will throw it to me in left field.

In other news, I got an e-mail from a sports writer in Pittsburgh who asked if I’ve ever heard of anyone getting three foul balls in one inning. He said some fan at PNC Park did it last week within a six-out span (which is technically one complete inning). The guy got one ball in the 1st and two more (on consecutive pitches to Jack Wilson) in the 2nd.

The answer is no. I’ve never heard of this before. It’s hard to even imagine it.
(For the record, I’ve snagged three fouls in one GAME on two separate occasions at Shea: April 22, 1993 and April 16, 1999.)

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