Good news/bad news

I suppose I’ll share the good news first…My boss gave me permission to take four consecutive days off in August, and I JUST booked myself a trip to Cincinnati and Houston—two games at each ballpark. Unfortunately, I’ll be seeing the Giants in Cincy; if Bonds is back in action, the place is going to be packed. (That’s not the bad news.) Then I’ll head to Minute Maid Park for the Cubs one night and the Brewers the next. Yay.

Now the bad news…
While booking my trip, I got a call on the other line from the writer at Sports Illustrated who said that his editors decided to cancel my piece because I’ve already been in the magazine. Un-yay.



    I have good news/bad news too. Bad, Rangers got completely trounced. Bad pitching, and no timely hitting at all.


    Ball 1-I get into the park, and as I head to the LF corner, Chan Ho Park is shagging. I call out, and he throws me a ball. But, have you ever had this happen? He totally messed with me, missed me on purpose. After he threw, he kinda looked at me like “aw man, sorry”. The ball fell into the maintenance area, where a guy tossed it up to me. Not only has he been the biggest free agent bust in recent memory, he acts like a ***** to a guy like me just tryin’ to get a ball. Zack, you ever had a player give you the business just to be a *****?

    Ball 2-guy in the front row of chairs botches a catch, and the ball is behind the wall down on the ground. Well, I took my ball ‘device’, and picked it up.

    Ball 3-I took a roster to the park (1st time), and went down where the Angels were warming up. Found a little known reliever (Joel Peralta), and asked him in Spanish for the ball after he was finished. BINGO. BTW, I’m a Spanish teacher, so my accent sounds pretty authentic.

    Ball 4-a ball rolled into the corner. Time for my device to pick it up. It was a few feet out, so I had trouble swinging out with my string. Angels coach Alfredo Griffin was in the outfield, and noticed. He enjoyed the show. After trying for 2-3 minutes, he came over, and I thought he would just hook me up. He moved the ball right to the base of the wall instead, and I picked it up easily. About 45-50 people watching all cheered me on (including Griffin). Pretty sweet.

    4 balls, not bad huh? Was it a Zackworthy trip to the ballyard?

  2. Zack

    Very Zackworthy. Nice word. Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I don’t know what the deal is with Park. He was reasonably nice to me in Spring Training, but that was 1994. I’ve had guys mess with me plenty of times. Usually, they’re just being playful, but every now and then, yes, someone will be a real jerk about it. Congrats on the four balls and keep the updates coming. (The blog IS sensitive…I’m trying to figure out what words you were tying to use.)

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