It’s time to vote for the 2005 All-Star Game, and as far as I’m concerned, the only players who are eligible are the ones who’ve thrown me balls:


Therefore, I’m going with the following:

1B Derrek Lee———————————–1B Tino Martinez
2B Jeff Kent—————————————2B Ron Belliard
SS Jimmy Rollins——————————-SS Jhonny Peralta…oh no, wait, Miguel Tejada
3B Scott Rolen———————————–3B Melvin Mora
C Paul Lo Duca———————————-C Bengie Molina
LF Adam Dunn———————————–LF Gary Sheffield
CF Andruw Jones——————————-CF Scott Podsednik
RF Miguel Cabrera—————————–RF Ichiro Suzuki
——————————————————-DH David Dellucci

Here’s my ultimate All-Star team:

1B Don Mattingly
2B Craig Biggio
SS Ozzie Smith
3B Scott Rolen
C Mike Piazza
LF Rickey Henderson
CF Ichiro Suzuki
RF Tony Gwynn
DH Mark McGwire

Starter: Greg Maddux
Middle reliever: Dwight Gooden
Lefty specialist: Billy Wagner
Set-up man: Trevor Hoffman
Closer: Mariano Rivera



    LoDuca over Piazza and Barrett?

    Rolen over Glaus and DWright?

    Rolen is understandable based on his overall career and stature, but cmon now both of those guys are having better years then Pauly.

    Very good calls on Dunn and AJones though. They’ve been the offensive MVP’s of Doris From Rego Park (my fantasy team) this year.

  2. Zack

    Yeah, I knew I was gonna catch some **** about my selections, so let me explain…

    Piazza is nothing compared to what he was. That’s why I put him on my all-time team, but left him off this year’s squad.

    Lo Duca & Barrett in 2005:

    Lo Duca — .304 AVG, 1 error

    Barrett — .276 AVG, 3 errors

    Yes, I know Barrett’s got more power, but Lo Duca’s steadier and more consistent.

    Wright is great, but he’s young. He needs to prove himself a bit more. Glaus has the power numbers, but he doesn’t get on base enough, and his fielding is nothing compared to Rolen’s.

    Your fantasy team has the best name ever.


    Zack, I am in shock, NO MANNY RAMIREZ???? I love it!!! Any list that you exclude that brainless Red Sox is fine by me. Regardless of him having never given you a ball.

    P.S. In case you haven’t notice, yes I am a Manny Ramirez hater. LOL!!!!

  4. Zack

    I’ve been to so few Indians/Red Sox games in my life that Manny has not even had a chance to throw me a ball. I’ll get one from him before he’s through. That’s my goal, anyway.

    By the way, Manny just hit his NINETEENTH career grand slam.

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