Please lose. Thank you.

AstrosbiggestfanThe Astros lost their fourth straight game last night, and I’m glad. (Yeah, that’s right, I read the box scores every day, even in Paris.) Not only do they deserve to suffer for being stingy with their baseballs, but Minute Maid Park is one of four stadiums I still haven’t visited. The more the Astros lose, the emptier it’ll be when I finally get there. Of course, the ‘stros still drew 31,365 fans last night—not bad for a last-place team barely winning a third of its games. If not for last season’s playoff run, the ballpark would be half empty by now. Thanks a lot, Beltran.

I’m also rooting against the Reds, Padres, and Nationals.

(THE NON-BASEBALL TRAVEL UPDATE, DAY 2: Yesterday evening, despite the fact that I was about to have a hypoglycemic episode, my parents felt the need to explore every street in the neighborhood in order to find the perfect restaurant. When we/they finally picked one and went inside and sat down and discovered that, among other things, the menu was in French and English, we got up and left because, according to my dad, the place was “franchised.” Of course, when we finally discovered a place that we all liked, we had to ask the waiter to translate.

I’ve decided to accept being dragged around like a six-year-old for 12 more days; my parents are the ones paying for the trip, and anyway, I don’t exactly act my age when I’m in New York.)



    Don’t be rooting against the Nicky Johnson or I’ll go to your house and root out Jeter’s BP ground-rule double.

    Then again, you probably took it with you so I couldn’t get near it. ;)

    I’m glad you got some grub. Don’t bug your parents like you bug your editors.


    I just read the blog message where you put you have never tried coke or pepsi. You are really wierd lol. I hope one day I get to go to a mjor league game. Probably when im older I’ll move out of Saskatoon and into a mjor league baseball city!

  3. Zack

    Well hello there. Despite all your Manny-bashing, I have no problem with Nick(y) Johnson. In fact, I often root FOR individual players while rooting against their teams. I did not take my Jeter ball to Paris, but don’t waste your time; it’s well protected by a good friend who’s house-sitting.

    Saskatoon?!*****. How far is it to the closest MLB stadium? I pity you. I could never live in a city without major league baseball. But I have no problem living without Coke or Pepsi. Yes, I’m weird (as the entry stated). Thanks for noticing. :-)


    To Sly guy… isn’t Saskatoon in Saskatchewan… and isn’t that where Kyle Riabko is from?


    yeah Saskatoon is in Saskatchewan but I dont know about Kyle Riabko. I think the closest MLB team to me is the Toronto Blue Jays. It really ***** and I hope to move to a major league city one day.

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