Bye-bye, America.

I just told a few friends that I’m leaving today for two weeks in Europe, and one of them asked, “Do they even play baseball on the other side of the pond?”
Yes, but that’s not the point.

Croissant_1My parents and half-sister and I are going to Paris for five days and Jerusalem for ten…lots of friends, lots of sight-seeing, one half-brother who’s studying to become a rabbi, and way too much food. If I don’t come Matzaback at least five pounds heavier, I’ll be disappointed.

I hear they have the Internet over there, so I’m going to keep blogging—maybe not every day, but as much as I can. Even if I’m not going to baseball games and collecting balls, I still have plenty to say about it.



    We’ll miss you Zackie, but at least you have a computer that can access the internet. :-)

  2. Zack

    My oh my.
    Thanks, everybody.

    I just got my computer online, but I’m stuck with dial-up, and it’s slow, and I suspect AOHell is going to charge me A-Rod-type money for the connection…but the show must go on.


    Zack, Just have them put it on A-Rod’s tab, he won’t mind. LOL!!!

  4. Zack

    Hey, I just checked out your blog…but I can’t understand any of it! I’m one of those dumb Americans who only speaks English. Can you tell me what your blog is about?


    Hey,hello.I am a chinese girl.
    Yesterday,it is a very chance that i found your blog website .i must admit that it is a very excellent website ,i like it .so i send a few words to you .About my blog, it is editted in chinese character.i found it a few days ago .so it isn’t compeleted .but i can tell you the title of my first blog is The promise .

    the main content is that we should determin our fate by ourselvs .

  6. Zack

    Wow. Thank you for writing back and letting me know. Do you live in China? How did you find my blog? Are you a baseball fan? Your English is VERY good. I agree with you about fate; if someone (or something) else determined it, then what would be the point of getting out of bed in the morning and flossing…because it’s all going to happen anyway, right?


    Yes ,i live in china and now reside in Beijing ,the capital of china . i find your blog on a university website ,i can’t remember clearly.
    Sad to say ,i know little about baseball .it as a sport in china isn’t as popular as in U.S. and i conclud that you are crazy about baseball ,especially collecting balls .and it is incredible to me the fact you own more than two thousand balls ,you are a real baseball collector!

    Have you ever been to china ?

    In Beijing, We can see a lot of foreigners from all the world .continued.

  8. Zack

    I AM crazy, and not just about baseball. Thanks for noticing. :-)

    I’ve never been to China, but I’d love to get over there someday. And Japan, too.

    Have you been to the States?

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