RFK scares me


Thanks to last night’s scintillating Mets vs. Nationals matchup on ESPN, I finally got my first good look at RFK Stadium. Frankly, the place scares me. See how that section of orange seats ends before the foul pole? It’s the same in right field. There are NO outfield seats in fair territory on the field level. And look how high the upper deck is. I don’t care how many balls Frank Howard put there in the 60s. I want no part of it in 2005…which means that when I finally make it down there, hopefully some time this summer, I’ll be stuck in that little section in foul territory, relying on major league hitters to mistime their swings on 60mph BP fastballs. Yeah, that happens a lot.

Speaking of ballparks where I’m trapped in small sections of orange seats in foul territory, I’m heading for Shea in less than an hour–unless it starts raining, and weather.com says there’s a 50% chance. Tonight is another one of those nights when I’ll have to leave the game early to make it to work by 9pm, so if there’s no BP, it’s not worth going.


  1. Gabriel

    Hi Zack,

    Read yoour book and really enjoyed it! Gonna try my luck at Yankee Stadium in May when Yankees meet the Redsox. I know what your thinking—your book advises against snagging balls at high attendance games. Any new tips? I will be in Field Box seating section 35. Any inside knowledge would be great! Keep doing what your doing!

  2. Zack

    Thanks for the kind words, Gabriel, but I don’t know if I can accept a compliment from a crazy person. I mean, a Sox-Yanks game in the Bronx?! What the **** are you thinking? I’d rather go to Bagdad and try to snag grenades…but you DO have yourself quite a seat. Box 35? As in, right behind the Yankees’ dugout? I don’t know how far back you’ll be, but whenever the Yankees are coming off the field after the third out, head down to the front row. There’s a good chance that whoever makes the play will hold onto the ball as he jogs off the field and toss it over the dugout on the way. And of course you have to bring your glove and show up early for batting practice.

  3. Gabriel

    Thanks Zack!

    I figured you’d heckle me for trying to snag a baseball at a Yanks-Redsox game :) .

    Unfortunately, I live in Salinas, CA and my team lives in New York. I thought I would take a trip to Holy Ground and take a once and a lifetime trip to Yankee Stadium, get the best seats I could (yep, FBOX 35 row K behind the Yankee Dugout) to live the The Hemple life.

    I’ll let you know how I fair on May 28th.

    I do owe you thanks about how to get an autographed baseball from that section of your book. I wrote to George Steinbrenner, stroked his ego in a letter and viola! – instant result.

    Thanks again for writing the book and of course your excellent advice.

  4. Gabriel

    Just noticed my last post mispelled your last name – very sorry. Folks its Zack Hample and if you want to snag a major league baseball, buy his book, you won’t regret it!

  5. Zack

    Whoa, you’re coming in all the way from California? Okay, in that case, I hereby retract my heckling. Please do let me know how you do at the game. No worries about the misspelling, but thanks for the correction.

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