I’m jinxed

Weather.com was right, and I had a very productive afternoon. I slept late, stayed home, read yesterday’s box scores, ate a banana, neglected my e-mails, did some pushups and crunches, flipped back and forth between the Mets and Yankees games, and cursed the TV when Kevin Mench homered to left because the ball landed RIGHT where I always sit. Of course, when I’m actually sitting there, nothing comes my way. Sometimes I really think I’m jinxed.


  1. roscfb@yahoo.com

    So do any of the balls seem juiced (tighter wound) or feel like they were stored in a humidor, or just never rubbed by the ump and his fancy mudd?

  2. Zack

    I’ve examined balls from the early 90s and compared them with the ones I’m currently catching, and I can’t tell the difference. They all seem juiced to me. But the whole juicing thing began in 1987, and I didn’t get my first ball until 1990, so it’s hard to say. Anyone out there have a 1986 ball we can analyze? My Coors Field balls all seemed normal, and all my gamers have been rubbed with mud. I think the difference in balls—if there is one—is somewhere between subtle and negligible.

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