Weekend issues

It’s great to live in a city with two major league teams. Shea and Yankee Stadium are both less than ten miles away from my teeny apartment on the Upper West Side. With a $2 swipe of my MetroCard, I can reach either in under an hour.

Conveniently, the Mets are usually home when the Yankees are on the road, and vice versa. In other words, there’s a ballgame in this town almost every night. If I had fewer friends and fewer hobbies and didn’t have to work (as was the case a decade ago), I’d see 160 games a year.

Both teams are playing at home this weekend at the same times: under the lights tonight followed by afternoon games on Saturday and Sunday. If there were two of me, and if both me’s didn’t have other issues, I/we would go to all six games.

What issues?

1) I have to work tonight.

2) Weather.com says there’s a 90% chance it’ll rain tomorrow. 11Wet weather means no batting practice. No batting practice means more begging and fewer balls—until gametime, I’d only be able to get balls thrown to me.

3) Tomorrow happens to be Kids’ T-Shirt day at Shea. I love kids—don’t get me wrong—but when 20,000 of them show up and start shrieking for balls, I don’t have much of a chance.

4) Even if the weather would be perfect, and even if there wouldn’t be any kids, I wouldn’t go because most teams skip batting practice when they’re playing a day game after a night time. It didn’t used to be like that. Today’s players need more sleep.

5) Speaking of sleep, Sunday’s Mets game starts at 1:10pm. That means the gates will open at 10:40am. That means I’d have to leave my place by 9:15am. That means I’d have to wake up by 8:30am. My average bedtime these days is 6am. Do the math.

6) Whether it’s kids or grownups, big crowds make my life miserable. Even on week nights, Yankee Stadium is packed. On weekends, it’s a zoo. (September 2, 1993…the last time I didn’t catch at least one ball…weekend game in the Bronx.) Thus, I avoid weekend games at Yankee Stadium.

Looks like my next game will be on Monday.

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